DJ FRANK WILD has been spinning on the global music scene for over 16 years. He splits his time between his home-town, New York City and his second-home, Berlin. He plays at venues all across Europe, Canada and the USA; showcasing his international style in London, Madrid, Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Antwerp, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami and San Francisco. Frank specializes in spinning at fetish / leather events; He has performed at PIG / Folsom Europe Berlin, Full Fetish / London & San Francisco, Bay of Pigs / Up Your Alley Weekend San Francisco, The Folsom Street Fair / San Francisco, A Hard Night / Antwerp, Meltdown / LeatherPride Belgium, Hunkut / Brussels, CODE / Mid-Atlantic Leather / Washington DC, Sleazy Madrid / Madrid Pride, Fantasy Ball / Toronto Mr. Leather,