Who or what is “PiG Berlin”? It’s the hottest and dirtiest party from Berlin, with the best DJ line up. PiG takes place along with Eastern Berlin (www.easterberlin.de) and Folsom Europe (www.FolsomEurope.Berlin ). It is the main party of those fetish weekends. On each party PiG sets up lots of extra equipment to cover all kind of fetishes. The parties are “Men Only” and all fetish styles are welcome: leather, patent, rubber, naked, whatever. It does not matter what age or body type you are, more important is the desire to party and live out your own fetish together with other guys. That’s what makes PiG – diverse and hot!




PiG Style

Our PiG Berlin branded t-shirts, tank tops and backbacks will be offered at our stand @ Folsom Europe, and at PiG party.